Happy Easter!

“Easter is the time to rejoice and be thankful for the gift of life, love and joy. Have a blessed day!!”

*Hair & Hat: Cole by .:EMO-tions:.Cosmopolitan
*Dress: Lula – Maitreya/CP 1 by [LAKSHMI] @ Cosmopolitan

*Courtil Gacha by Myrrine @ Cosmopolitan
01 COURTIL GACHA – Flower Rack
02 COURTIL GACHA – Stumb With Rocks
03 COURTIL GACHA – Fence 1
04 COURTIL GACHA – Birdcage Decor
05 COURTIL GACHA – Ladders/Bird Houses 1
06 COURTIL GACHA – Ladders/Bird Houses 2
07 COURTIL GACHA – Pergola Turquoise RARE
09 COURTIL GACHA – Fence 2
10 COURTIL GACHA – Tree Trunk/Plants
*Bush “Spring” White by Panavia  @ Cosmopolitan
Wild Flowers – Bunchberry – Blue by Heart Gaden @ FaMESHed

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