“When darkness falls upon you, turn your face to the sun and your shadows will fall behind you.” ~ Daniel Wicomb

I know it’s going almost on two weeks since I last posted and all I can say is that my hasty departure without notice was not planned.  I have been out of SL due to a real life bereavement in my immediate close family.  If you’ve been with me a while and many of you have then you’ve probably read a post or two in the past when I’ve spoken of the closeness of my family.

While I will resume blogging, please bear with me for a while if I suddenly have nothing to say. I hope that everyone is well and please remember to tell those who are close to you how much you appreciate and love them.  To the closest of my friends who have transcended SL thank you so much for your love, support, thoughts and prayers during this time.  To all my sponsors thank you for your support and understanding as well.

These pictures done prior to my departure are from Concept and are their newest release.  The gacha set is called “Ca’Pepe” and it’s available at Kustom9. There are 16 pieces to the set with 5 rares and 11 commons.  The house is a rare and has the most land impact at 202.  To get a view of the full set as only several pieces are being shown, please click here.  If you click his name you can also see some of the creator’s own pictures of the set.

The leaning trees on the left side of the first picture are by Little Branch as is the front one on the other side. My apologies as I didn’t get a chance to make a note card of all the credits, but the rest of the landscape includes items from Alirium and Studio Skye.

*Ca’Pepe by Concept} @ Kustom9
*Wild Oak.v1 {4Seasons}*Animated by Little Branch
Jeffrey Pine {Animated}  by Little Branch

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