Welcome to my morning

Jian 001

My internet has been in and out since yesterday so I’m going to make it brief. I’m wearing a pencil skirt by MoDANNA, which is the group gift for this month. It’s a lovely sexy curvaceous dress as you can see.  In the background there I am showing another daybed and footstool by unKindness currently at FaMESHed.

The hot plate and coffee press items are by Jian, previously released and available now at the store.

The valentine items shown are all subscriber gifts from La Galleria.  This creator is very generous to her subscribers and really deserves kudos for that. Each week she has some gift that you can pick up somewhere at her store location.  She has amazing furniture and homes that are quite detailed and realistic and you should go check her items out.  My only problem is that I can only be on her sim for short periods of time before I start to lag considerably due to my slow internet and aged computer due to the high volume of items there.

Happy Friday!

*Pencil Black Dress – MoDANNA {Feb. 2016 Group Gift}
Hair – *DP*YumYum – *73 (Black)
Necklace – Pure Poison – Patch Heart Necklace @ Uber

*Canvas Paper Day Bed & Footstool – unKindness @ FaMESHed
*Coffee French Press & Coffee Cup Brunch – Jian
*Retro Grill Cheese Set  – Jian
{Hot Plate, Wicker Basket, Finished Sandwiches & Sandwich Assembly}
Cozy Country Kitchen Sink & Cabinets – Dysfunctional Designs
Sleepless Attic Skybox – Dust Bunny
Garvagh II Stool – {Theosophy}
Valentine Heart Applique Mesh Wall Hanging – La Galleria
Valentine Heart Welcome Placque – La Galleria
Valentine Balloons w Heart Emitters – La Galleria

Pose: – Leaning Pose – Izzie’s 5 (mirror) Poseball

Shop till you drop

Jian 015

*Plush Storage Bench – Jian @ The Chapter Four
*Simple Metal Streetlamp – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
*Snuggle Blankie ~ Bunny Love  – [Bella Kids] @ All The Little Things

*Pose: Shopping Queen by p.o.s.e.

*Little Love Outfit – [Bella Kids] @ All The Little Things
{Includes dress, shoes, headband and bracelet}

*Hair – eXxEsS – Celina
Bubble Necklace – Glam Affair
Arm harnesses – Glam Affair  {past limited edition item}
Andromeda Top &  Pegazo Pencil Skirt – Addams
Chacha Sandals Red Hots – ieQED {past Shoe 21}

Symi-Green/Blue by Exposeur

Keep the fire burning bright

NC 031

Featuring some furniture by [Noble Creations] today.  The first is this antique table and chairs that are available at the Fantasy Collective.  They bring a smile to my face as they remind me of my paternal grandmother’s own dining room table that was similar except hers had six chairs.

The fireplace is at the main store and comes in a dark and light version. The wall standards are now out at The Secret Affair, and come with a Hud to change to two texture choices and four color selections.

The remaining items are listed below.

*War Wall Standards – [Noble Creations] @ The Secret Affair
*Antique Table & Chairs/Dark – [Noble Creations] @ The Fantasy Collective
*Antique Fireplace/Light – [Noble Creations]
Flowers – LODE –  Decor – Melody Pot [Violet] @ Shiny Shabby
Cereza Fur Rug – Wayward Muse
Purity Fur Rug – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] {Tinted Slightly w/ Color}
Antique Art – Apple Fall {modified w/ picture from Post}
“Wolfskin,” Zorn, 1915 – Post
Romantic Candlesticks – Pilot
Khan’s Keep Skybox – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
Antique Sofa – [Noble Creations] {past special inauguration group gift still available if you join}
Simple Swords Wall Decoration – [Noble Creations]

I will always remember you

Circa 09

The OMGacha started January 10th and will end in a few days on January 24th. One of the gacha sets that you can find there is from [CIRCA], the “Winter Solstice.” The pieces that I am showing do not make up the whole set, just a sampling and are detailed below.

I’m also showing the curves shelf by Dysfunctional Designs, which I modified by sizing it down to sit atop the cabinet there against the wall.  They are texture based and come in different sizes.

Last week two well known people in the entertainment industry have passed and a couple of creators have made a gift in tribute to each.  The first is the Always Deer Hanging Art made my unKindness in memory of Alan Rickman. While I am familiar with several of his movies, the one I remember him most was from the holiday move “Love Actually,” which I really enjoyed.

The other tribute is to David Bowie, who is known as one of the most influential musicians of his era.  MLE, who makes wine bottles for almost every occasion at a very reasonable price, made this wine set as a gift in tribute to the musician.  I received mine directly, as I must have subscribed or purchased something at one point.  I thought it was a nice tribute and displayed it with this scene as well.

*”Winter Solstice” Lounge Room Gacha – [CIRCA] @ OMGacha
– Chalkboard Frame – Winter Comfort
– Double Cabinet – Frost (Bonus)
– Floor Cushion – Seat A
– High-back Beanbag Chair – Frost Rare
–  Modern Fireplace – Frost/Grey Rare
– Rattan Ball Lights – Tan
– Ribbed Area Rug – Frost
– Hexa Hive Shelf – White
*Curves Shelf – Small – Dysfunctional Designs
*Always Deer Hanging Art – unKindness {Store gift in memory of Alan Rickman}
Triangle Terrarium [Pyramidal] Brass – Soy
Vintage Lace Curtain (Blue) – Soy
Summer Sun Potted Plant G & J – Storaxtree {past hunt items}
Tea Tray {My Own Creation}
Bowie Tribute Sauvignon Wine Set & David Bowie Poster – MLE {Gift as tribute to David Bowie}

The Rose Hill Country Set

Un 009

*Rose Hill Country Set – unKindness @ FaMESHed
– Rose Hill Cabinet White
– Rose Hill Deco Chair White
– Rose Hill Letterbox White
– Rose Hill Craft Box White
– ILoveUs Artwork

*Simple Wooden Standing Mirror – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] for $25L Tuesday
Mesh Lucky 8 Armchair – Cotton – Scarlet Creative
Love Letters Sign – Scarlet Creative
Molinari Cactus – The Loft 
Love Nest-Floral-Rug. – [Zerkalo]
Love Nest-Vintage-Books  – [Zerkalo]
Book and Letter – Tartessos Arts
Toy Horse – Dust Bunny
Melted Candle – Dust Bunny
MapMe Letters S – Cheeky Pea
Antique Clock Faces – Sari-Sari
Autumn Poppy Flower [Deep Pink] – Ariskea
Stardust Cottage – Scarlet Creative

Sometimes life rewards you with the unexpected

DDD 005

I’m a bit wired after spending the last six hours at the hospital and while I should have gone straight to bed I find myself unable to sleep.  I really had planned to get this post done earlier before the unexpected change in plans.  I’m also not certain if I will get around to doing anymore posts outside of what I may already have completed.  In any case I plan to keep this one short.

The hair that I’m wearing is by eXeEsS and like all her hairs they just seem to have a natural feel to them.  It’s available at the main store.   The other item is the wreath that is wrapped around me.  It’s by Dysfunctional Designs and also available at the main store.  It’s only 1 prim and if you’ve already done all the decorating you can handle another great way to use it is like a picture frame for taking a funny picture like everyone does in real life.

*Hair – eXxEsS – Senuna 
Coat – COCO – Duffle Coat White {past arcade}
Boots – Reign – Mishi Thigh High Boots

*Fluffy Wreath – Dysfunctional Designs
Christmas Tree Rare  – Dust Bunny
Vintage Sleigh w/ Gifts – Dust Bunny @ Collabor88
Stocking Bear – BoOgErS @ The Arcade
Vintage Christmas Box Shabby & Jean/Burlap – Siss Boom
Frostwoods Pop Up Book – Vespertine
Burlap Santa Sack {past item no longer available}
Big Red Poinsettia – Terrashop
Country Keep – Scarlet Creative

Blue Christmas

I’ll have a Blue Christmas without you
I’ll be so blue just thinking about you …

And when those blue snowflakes start falling
That’s when those blue memories start calling….

DaD 0042

I’ve been in a reflective mood lately.  No doubt brought upon the fact it will be Christmas in several days and this time of year has a way of tugging at your heart.   The big day preceding the eventual New Year’s that is yet to come and you begin to ponder a little on what life brought you this past year and even may wonder what could come of the new one.

I’ve gone down that road here lately.  Personally, this year has been a hell of a roller coaster for me as I’ve shared before and despite it I find that I have no real hard feelings.  I think by now life has taught me that you are better off making peace with the things that happen and let it go.  It’s especially true for those things that in the larger scheme of life are insignificant.

No, it’s those other things that pull on your  heart strings, the kind that stirs your emotions and feelings that you have a harder time letting go of.  For me it’s been a love that I’ve had a harder time letting go of.  The irony here is that I’m often seen as not being completely open as a result of guarding my feelings like a fort.  It’s true and maybe something that I need to work on.

Despite the hardships of this year there are still many things to be thankful for and I try never to lose sight of those.  As the saying goes… “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”  

The song below is very special to me and I was listening to it as I was writing.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and may your Christmas time be full of wonderful joy whether it’s here in second or real or both…for real feelings know no distance.

*”Sweet Maine Cabin” & Wood Dock – DaD Design @ The Cosmopolitan Room
*Wilderness Lamp Birch – unKindness @ The LTD Event
*Country Lane Lamp Sign Frosty – unKindness @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Country Lane Bench Winter – unKindness @  The Liaison Collaborative
*Fluffy Pines – Dysfunctional Designs
*Pair of Waving Snowmen – Dysfunctional Designs
*Mean Snowman – Dysfunctional Designs
*Headless Snowman – Dysfunctional Designs
Hanne Log Ple – {what next} @ Collabor88
Wintery Porch Sign – {what next}
Box of Cookies & Vermont Mug (Cream) – {what next}
Snow Ground – Happy Mood {Group Gift}
*Festive Potted Tree – Jian 
Aneto Skis – Cheeky Pea

Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify

“Happy are those who take life day by day, complain very little and are thankful for the little things in life.”

DDD 0062

I’m fighting the start of a cold so I am going to be brief today as my head is spinning a little.  Featured is the single bed and crib from Dysfunctional Designs at We ❤ Role-Play.  Both come with texture change options for up to 7 woods.  The single bed is pg and comes with 9 solo poses.  There is a double bed as well not pictures that is pg and adult with the same texture options.

They conjured up an image of an early life when life might have been more simple or maybe it was much harder without the little luxuries we live with today.

Anyway, have a great err.. yeah Wednesday!  I’m prone to moments of forgetfulness sometimes.

*Simple Wooden Single Bed – Dysfunctional Designs @ We ❤ Role Play
*Simple Wooden Crib – Dysfunctional Designs @ We ❤ Role Play
Wood Candle Holder – .aisling. @ We Role-Play
Creative Campbell Chair – Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade
Mesh_Fireplace – MeshedUp
Rustic Now – Stacked Pillows – Apt B
Fireplace Iron Tools – Spring Designs {store closed}
Peggy’s Pony – Vagabond
Rug  Naturel – Zigana
Rustic Wooden Heart Collage – La Galleria {past gift}

Be like melting snow — wash yourself of yourself

DDD LB 017ps42

Sometimes I have so much to say and other days like now I sit here waiting for the words to flow and nothing comes out.  It’s not like my mind is totally blank. In fact my mind is racing with too many thoughts floating around in there… like what do I need to get done today to where did this year go?  It will be dad’s birthday in a few days and I’m no longer near to take flowers to his grave site.

Then there is a ping beside me letting me know there is a text on my phone and a good reminder to get out of my thoughts.

Some more awesome winter trees by Little Branch out now at FaMESHed.  The gazebo is by Dysfunctional Designs as well as the whimsical umbrella that is texture changeable by touch and both can be found at the main store.

Hair – Argrace – Irori
Sweater –  ::FAC:: – Mijo
Skirt – Maitreya – Haerringbone Grey
Boots – Reign – Marylin
*Whimsical Umbrella – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs

*Ornamental Gazebo – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
*Conifier.V2 {Seasons} – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Conifier.V1 {Winter} – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Conifer.V3 {Seasons} – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Grass1l {Winter} – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
Elk Male Grazing & Looking – Just Animals

Pose: Female Model Pose 57 by Exposes Poses

Hanging by a moment

Gazebo 006

Just a quick post today to show you these two items.  The first is the cedar gazebo by DaD Designs available at The Fantasy Collective.  It’s 100 original mesh and has a land impact of 16.   If you’re a group member of the Fantasy Collective you can pick up gifts at the event by clicking all the pumpkins.  The gift for DaD Designs is a barrel with couple animations.

The other item is the hang out basket seat by Dysfunctional Designs.  It’s only 4 land impact and has texture change options for the wood and for the cushions.

*Cedar Gazebo – DaD Design @ The Fantasy Collective
*’Hang’out Basket – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs